Azure Inventory GUI Utility

“You don’t have to be big. You have to be remarkable.”

Joe Pulizzi

This is my very first article on this website. Earlier I was writing blogs and articles on Being the first article, I wanted to start with not only good but something with best. Here I have developed a script using Microsoft Powershell which I was working since last couple of days in my lunch breaks.
Just to show my work below is the video, it shows how GUI tool looks like and work, Still there are lots of things remaining to edit and add to this tool, I am working on it, and gradually I will be adding new things to it, This is just a plethora of my work.

This script pulls inventory from Microsoft Azure, It uses Azure API to connect and fetch the information. To use this tool you require Azure AD tenant name, Azure Subscription ID and minimum Read Only access on subscription to login.

Once the information is collected, you can use it to export as each tab information to separate csv file or all combined information in single xlsx file. I have put this complete script source code on my repository on, you can also download this project from here.
Although I am still working on adding other resources types, but If you need more features or if you have any other idea just sent me an email on, I will be try to add them as I get time.

All kind of feedback will be welcomed good or bad.